Dynamic Transformational Workshop

Boldre Hall, Pilley, Lymington

Image © www.stephencotterell.comPersonal Dynamic Transformation happens when there is a rapid perceptual shift from one previously held view of reality to another. It is very difficult to achieve this alone, as we don’t think about ourselves in the same way as we might think about another person. For example, we will not be as empathetic towards our self as we would be towards another person and we will have self-serving biases and blind spots.

Having a process that we can be steered through enables us to bring our attention to aspects of our experience that we may not be paying attention to.

Richard EllisDynamic transformation is a method created to develop self awareness of how each individual chooses to represent the external world uniquely. It is a transformational process that radically alters how we feel and experience by shifting our perceptions of a belief or experience.

I will be working with the inspiring Richard Ellis, an author of two books and a complementary health practitioner specialising in the relationship between mind and body. He is a Master Teacher of Reiki, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Client Management Programme – 2 day programme

Giving you the Essential Tools to improve every part of your working and personal daily life.

In 2010 I implemented the Client Management Programme – a one to two day interactive workshop to create and build a unique rapport with your clients, exploring different client types, understanding verbal and non verbal language and many other techniques to achieve great customer satisfaction and repeat business, whilst improving overall sales for your business and making time with your clients much more rewarding.

I have had great success working with a number of Hotels and Spa’s including – Necker Island and other Virgin Limited Edition Hotels, Calcot Manor in Gloustershire and many others across the UK and Europe. Creating a significant increase in retail sales, repeat treatment bookings and great customer satisfaction.

Achievable results

  • Develop rapport building skills and ability to engage with clients on a different level
  • Achieve excellence in customer service and client management
  • Overcome any limiting beliefs about recommending and retailing
  • Develop more flexibility to expand the range of potential behaviours
  • Manage your emotions and feelings more effectively to help build resilience in challenging situations

What my clients say…

‘Retail sales are always a challenge within the spa due to many factors, one of them is the hard sell that therapists have certain beliefs about. The therapists now have a greater understanding of what and more importantly ‘how’ they can communicate better with their clients, in turn creating an increase in retail sales and repeat business as well as removing any limiting beliefs of that ‘hard sell.’ This isn’t something therapists get any standard training in and some bad habits can get picked up along the way, so I recommend The Client Management programme to anyone who wants to give their team that missing link.’
Cathy Ball, Spa Director Calcot Spa/Garden Spa at Barnsley House, Gloucestershire

‘This course helped me so much not only with my retail sales but also finding out more about myself! I Questioned myself do I listen enough? What do I need to know about my clients to help them open up? How can I adapt to make those around me feel more comfortable? Can my client take home this experience I’ve given them today? This course answered all my questions. I learnt so much about me, how to connect more with others not only guests but work mates, friends and even strangers I randomly meet. This course is an amazing experience it’s all about learning about you and others you will love it. Our Retail on average was $400-$500 a month. The first month after the training we took nearly $4000!!!’
Lisa-Anne Redfern, Spa Manager, Necker Island

‘The Retail course has not only helped me with my retail sales but also in every aspect of my working day life on Necker and communicating with our guests. The course helps you to understand people and see that we all have different outlooks & reasons for buying products. The course was easy to follow and very interesting due to the fact it was about the psychology of selling and not the hard sell, which I have always had a problem with. We can identify which products will help with their personal needs in a very short space of time with very few questions. This in turn gives a higher more personal, professional standard of service. I now feel I’m giving a better more personal spa experience to our guests making me a better therapist.’
Candice Pennington, Spa Therapist, Necker Island

Please contact me directly for more details on the workshop programme as pricing and timings will depend on how many people and where this will take place.