The Refinery skincare range – brought to you by Aromatherapy Associates – combines aromatherapy expertise with the unique knowledge of specialised male grooming.

Designed for any age, skin is soothed, calmed and protected from aggressive environmental stresses.

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Shave Foam Gel
This rich foaming shave gel helps to protect against razor burn and nicks for a close, comfortable shave. Contains clove and peppermint for a spicy, minty effect as well as fresh Aloe Vera, which adds moisturising and soothing properties.
Product code: RF1
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Post Shave Balm
A lightweight, comforting balm which helps to soothe razor burn and leaves skin fresh and smooth thanks to sophisticated disabolol (an extract of camomile), Aloe Vera and brewer’s yeast to provide immediate and long term skin protection.
Product code: RF2
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Shave Oil
For the ultimate close shave, this light oil penetrates the skin easily and can also be used as a post shave oil. Packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, with borage and jojoba to rejuvenate, rosehip seed oil to promote elasticity and help strengthen dry, damaged skin as well as soothing, anti-bacterial essential oils of petitgrain, patchouli and geranium.
Product code: RF3
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Face Scrub
Make this scrub an important part of his skin routine to improve skin texture. It brightens dull skin, helps reduce in-grown hairs and lifts the beard for a closer shave. With deep-cleansing, non-scratchy corn cob meal it can be used twice a week but is gentle enough for everyday.
Product code: RF4
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