Image © Light Technique looks at the connection between physical and emotional well being and works to optimise both.

This is achieved through working with body and mind, shifting blockages through intuitive massage and energy balancing, changing thought processes, associated behaviours and patterns.

This profound change leaves the individual feeling energised in both body and mind, with a sense of wholeness, and a new and exciting perspective on life!

Some of the stressful conditions that I treat using The Light Technique:

  • Insomnia, Disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion… read more
  • Stress and anxiety, panic attacks… read more
  • Grief and loss… read more
  • Hormonal Imbalances – adrenal/menopause/skin conditions… read more
  • Muscular, nerve & joint problems – back complaints, arthritis… read more
  • Emotional Eating – weight loss or gain… read more


‘Through the darkness there was light. The techniques of NLP and Reiki with Katie has given me incredible strength. Katie is very quick to tune into what is needed and has guided me into a place where I feel safe in the present, have no fear of the future and genuine acceptance and forgiveness of the past. My core feels strengthened and I am truly grateful for her wisdom and healing powers.’
Sam, Interior Designer, Brighton

*A free and confidential consultation is offered. For more information please contact Katie either by phone on 0755 4003070 or via our contact form.