Jumping in airSometimes we need someone to listen and look at what is happening in our lives, assessing our behaviours and patterns. The Light Technique will help you find the answers, giving you solutions to the problems that keep reappearing.

Each session will start with a full consultation and the process will include a combination of techniques depending on what you need– using NLP, Massage, Reiki and Visualisation.

Treatment time is 60 -90 minutes depending on your individual treatment plan.

Treatment Plan – 2 to 4 sessions maybe required depending on your needs and will include a homecare wellness practice.

Prices start from £90.

* A free and confidential consultation is offered. For more information please contact Katie either by phone on 0755 4003070 or via our contact form.

‘You can trust Katie Light to get you back in sync. She takes all the little things that are bothering you and pieces them together to make a bigger picture – then tells you how to tackle it. She calls it the Light Technique. Sometimes a bit of intuitive massage is what it takes; at other times she’ll get busy unblocking your chakras, but mostly she’ll have you write your thoughts down, recall the times when you were happiest and teach you to replicate those emotions when you’re feeling low.’
Francesca White, Beauty editor of Tatler