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Gift recommendationsOur busy lives demand so much from us that we sometimes end up dissatisfied with both ourselves and our lives.

If you would like to address a specific area of your life that is causing some form of stress on your body or mind or you are in need of direction, then maybe it’s time to discover the ‘light’ technique, enabling you to create the changes you need to have ‘wellness’ in your life!

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Healing HandsIs your life in need of a new direction?

Would you like to create balance in your life?

Would you like to discover your full potential?

Do you have specific health issues you need to address?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then the Light Technique is for you. To learn more click here.

The Light Technique is a new and effective treatment developed by Katie Light. Combining dynamic massage techniques, energy balancing and proven therapies to leave you feeling positive, energised and focused.

‘There is a magic in Katie Light that extends from the tips of her soothing yet powerful fingers right through to the calming, nurturing spirit she draws on to support her clients, whether it be in helping them to restore their inner mental or physical equilibrium or to reach personal or career goals that for one reason or another seemed previously elusive (or even impossible) to achieve. She is a unique soul, warm, generous and insightful and I feel very lucky to have found her.’
Fiona, Freelance Journalist, London